Animal Burgers Made With Plants


Classic John - €10

Beetroot & chickpea patty w/ lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, gherkin, ketchup & mayo.
Served on a beetroot bun. S M G

Beyond Chi - €12

Beyond patty w/ kimchi-slaw, smoked cheese, cucumber & sriracha.
Served on a seeded bun. S M G 

Magic Mushie - €10

Battered portobello mushroom w/ spinach, gouda cheese & garlic mayo.
Served on a seeded bun. S M G

Hot Chick - €11

Sweet spud & chickpea patty w/ rocket, coriander, pepper jack cheese, mashed avo, nachos, mayo & sriracha. Served on a charcoal bun. S M G

The Smoke Show - €13

A smashed Beyond patty layered in two w/ pink garlic mayo, smoked cheese, chipotle salsa, shredded lettuce, diced beef tomatoes & a giant home-made onion ring. Served on a seeded bun. S G SS

Friez (& Loaded)

Garlic Parm - €6

Loaded w/ garlic mayo, VF homemade parmesan & fresh parsley. S G

Kimchi Bomb - €7

Loaded w/ kimchi, lime drizzle, cilantro, sriracha , 2 types of cheese, mashed avo & sesame seeds. S

Skin on Fries - €3.50

Wingz and Things

Mushie Wingz - €8.50

Served w/ hot sauce & garlic mayo. S G

Caulie Wingz - €8.50

Served w/ hot sauce & garlic mayo. S G

Onion ringz - €6.50

Served w/ our VF pink garlic mayo & a little kick. G


Classic Hot Dog - €10

w/ crispy onions, spring onions, ketchup & mustard. S M G

Saucy Boi's

Garlic Mayo - €1.50

Sriracha - €1.50

Parmesan (dry) - €1.50

Taco - €1.50


Cola - €2.50

Orange - €2.50

Lemonade - €2.50

Ginger Ale - €2.50

Mango Ginger - €2.50

Cucumber & Mint - €2.50

Watermelon & Hibiscus - €2.50

We’ve got plants in our pants for locally sourced stuff.

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